Key Issues for Climate Change

Compilation of the nine Key issues for Climate Change reports that were produced by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC – Naturskyddsföreningen) in the lead up to COP 15 in Copenhagen December 2015. Niclas Hällström coordinated and edited the series in his capacity as policy lead on Climate Change for SSNC 2008-2010, which was undertaken while also forming WhatNext?.

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The nine seminars and reports contained in this publication were:

  1. The Double Challenge – How tackle the right to development and the climate crisis simultaneously.
  2. Footing the Bill for Climate Change – How do we generate the money?
  3. The World’s Forests – More than carbon sinks
  4. Winners and losers: How maximise opportunities and minimise risks?
  5. A Global Marshall Plan for Climate and Development – Cost effectiveness and climate investments that make a difference
  6. Technology and Climate – Curse or promise?
  7. Going Fossil-free – How can the EU and Sweden take the lead?
  8. Patents – Barrier or support to save the climate?
  9. Visions and Solutions – Ambitious emissions reductions and a Green Energy Revolution.
Authors: Niclas Hällström (editor)
Year of publishing: 2010
Number of pages: 212
Download: English