Carbon Trading – a critical conversation on climate change, privatisation and power

This book is still likely the most comprehensive and clear-cutting analysis of carbon trading. Building on a What Next-related seminar in Durban 2004, the book examines the roots and thinking behind carbon trading, the politics that led these market solutions to become centre piece of mainstream climate politics, the problems with off-set projects in the South, and the need to pursue other, well-proven policies and strategies that really works and that tackle the root causes of climate change.


  • Some of the responses to the global threat of climate change are likely to cause new and severe problems, which, in a worst-case scenario, could actually increase global warming.
  • This publication analyses the problems arising from the emerging global carbon market pertaining to the environment, social justice and human rights, and investigates climate mitigation alternatives

More info/Summary

Already within a few months after it was first published in 2006, the book had been downloaded in more than half a million copies. The book contains 350 pages but is evidently the kind or reading that draws you in, and makes you just want to continue reading and following the arguments. This is not the least due to the book’s ‘conversation’ style – the whole book is a long conversation where the editor – Larry Lohmann from The Cornerhouse – engages in the debate, the arguments and the clarifying interchanges in an amazingly clear and challenging style. The book draws on a large number of original contributions from both participants in the Durban meeting, case studies on the ground and academic writing – all repackaged into the conversation style, but with solid references for further reading.

A must read for anyone interested in climate change!

Authors: Larry Lohman (main editor)
Year of publishing: 2006
Number of pages: 362
Download: English