Bringing climate justice thinking to the COVID-19 pandemic

Opinion piece highlighting seven social justice based principles that apply to the Coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis alike. Now is the time for transformative action for systemic change to effectively deal with both crises.


  • Equality is key – all lives matter the same
  • Social protection and just transition so people are not harmed when strong measures to tackle the crises are implemented
  • Solidarity within and between countries, and between South and North.
  • The ‘invisible hand of the market’ won’t fix this: scale up public financing to benefit people and nationalise where needed
  • Build back better – solutions shall generate more resilience that there was
  • It's never too late to act - giving up is not an option however bad the situation may appear
  • Do what it takes, but don't abuse power.

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Authors: Teresa Anderson, Niclas Hällström
Year of publishing: 2020
Number of pages: 2
Download: English