Towards the energy systems of the future

Infographic showing the old centralised, one-directional energy system giving way to the new people-centered, smart, distributed and multi-directional renewable energy systems of the future. Illustration from the LDC REEEI Framework document.


  • Historically, electricity demand was supplied by large, central power generators with a high-voltage backbone and an ever finer grid.
  • In the future, because of cost-competitiveness of distributed renewables, the system architecture can be based on interconnected and 
 multi-directional, smart grids and island grids.
  • Solar PV (roof and ground-mounted) will be installed literally everywhere. Wind turbines will complement where economically viable. Dispatchable generators (biogas, biomass, diesel, natural gas, hydro, battery storage, etc.) will complement the local island grid.
  • Each island grid can in principle run on its own but higher reliability and lower costs are achieved by interconnecting over time.

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Year of publishing: 2019
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