What Next Volume I – Setting the context


This first What Next Volume reflects on the development debate three decades after the publication of What Now - Another Development. Articles include reflections on both past achievements and shortcomings, as well as anticipation of what may be new challenges and opportunities in the decades to come.


What Next Volume I is a sequel, roughly 30 years later, to the Foundation’s What Now project, which culminated in the 1975 Dag Hammarskjöld Report What Now: Another Develop- ment and the monograph Another Development: Approaches and Strategies (1976).
Thirty years after What Now – in a world that has changed in many ways – there is a need to take stock of the past and look ahead. What has gone wrong with the world in the last 30 years? What has gone right? What global possibilities and challenges may we be facing dur- ing the next 30 years if the present trends persist? What are the roles of the state, of civil society and of other social forces in countering damaging trends and forging a more just and equitable world?

Year of publishing: 2006
Number of pages: 226
Download: English