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G77 Pushes USA To Be Honest


4 October 2011

G77 Pushes USA To Be Honest -- Inaction at home and at UN climate talks
PANAMA CITY, PANAMA - Today - As UN climate talks continue, developing countries redoubled efforts to build bridges to find agreement in time for the annual UN climate summit in Durban this November (CoP 17).

Jorge Arguello, Chair of the Group of 77 and Chna (G77) said: "We want to stop hearing about red lines and start hearing about what the developed world are prepared to do."

"Climate change is not the kind of problem you can just wish away. The US and others have to stop explaining why they won't take action and face the consequences of what their inaction entails." Argüello said.

The negotiations under both tracks, the convention and the Kyoto Protocol, continued with a visit by the foreign minister of South Africa, the incoming president of CoP17. The countries of the Group of 77 and China redoubled efforts at high political level to find bridges that allow the process to arrive in Durban with a concrete and workable text on the table.

"I am glad to see the European Union being described as the champion of the Kyoto Protocol in the press, and their message in the opening of this meeting as well as informally has had positive points. They have repeated that they are interested and ready in continuing the Kyoto Protocol and its binding commitments. The time has come now to put words to action", said Argüello.

In an informal conversation with civil society representatives, the Chair of G77 and China reflected, "let us stop the nonsense and say things as they are: the Kyoto Protocol has been ratified by all countries, developed and developing, it is a global instrument, with differentiated responsibilities for developing and developed countries but with responsibilities for both."

"The only countries outside of Kyoto are those, like the US, who have put their national economic interests first and chosen to benefit off the commercial advantages of this move against those of us who have chosen to be part of the global fight against global warming."

"It is hard to see that the freeloaders of the Kyoto Protocol, who have benefitted without paying any prices, are still not ready to make any binding commitment," he added.

"We are working very seriously, both internally among the developing countries and in contact with all the major players, we cannot just give up. We cannot speak of having a global agreement by just photocopying the status quo and calling it a framework. Action, urgent and concrete action is what we need. And this will demand sacrifices." Amb arguello concluded.

The Group of 77 and China has been a key actor in international negotiations related to development issues since 1964. After the recent incorporation of Nauru on September 23rd, 2011, the Group now represents 132 developing countries.

The Chair of the Group, which rotates annually, is held in 2011 by Argentina, represented by Jorge Argüello, Ambassador of Argentina to the United Nations.

Press releases and other information are posted on www.g77.org
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