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"Mirrors on the Horizon" -- on Bolivia and development

Attached is a very interesting reflection on the current situation in Boliva by Elizabeth Peredo – in particular in relation to the recent conflict around the proposed road construction through TIPNIS national park. Below her own words introducing the reflection piece:

"Today the Bolivian Plurinational Assembly has approved a new Law emerged from the national march and mobilization for protecting the TIPNIS from the construction of the big road. Hopefully, at the same time of solving peacefully the conflict, this will open a national democratic debate on development, on the kind of country we want to build, on the indigenous rights and on the political power dynamic.
I include [here] an article written some weeks ago (already translated into english) that hope will contribute to understand some tensions and challenges we are living in our country and specially the need to get an autocritical attitude to face this crisis."

A few extracts:

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