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What Next Volume II

[From the back cover]

There is a dire need to reshape thinking on development, progress and society at the core, and to question many deeply held assumptions. The space for imagination and visionary thinking is often unnecessarily limited. We must also recognise the many layers of challenges where ‘solutions’ may turn – or may already have turned – into new problems.

It is of great importance to anticipate such problematic trajectories and look for alternative paths that can take us to a decent and sustainable future. This requires unconventional thinking, and the consideration of a broad range of alternatives – a strong case for pluralism. This is what this What Next volume is all about. This is also the departure point for the new, indpendent What Next Initiative."

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Introduction – The case for pluralism
Niclas Hällström
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From Knowledge to understanding – Navigations and returns
Manfred Max-Neef
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The Convergence of fundamentalisms and new political closures – What next in the struggle for pluralism?
Praful Bidwai
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Pluralism in economics teaching – Why and how?
Gilles Raveaud
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The practice of earth democracy: Looking ahead – experiences from 30 years of participatory research and community action
Vandana Shiva
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Affirmation of cultural diversity – Learning with the communities in the central Andes
Jorge Ishizawa
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What next for the human species? Human performance enhancement, ableism and pluralism
Gregor Wolbring
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Global women's rights movements – Feminists in transformation
Wendy Harcourt
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This What Next volume appears in two different covers. Both are published as an issue of 'Development Dialogue', the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation’s journal.

With this issue, the Foundation concludes the What Next Project which now continues as the independent What Next Forum.

The image to the right shows the Volume in the traditional Development Dialogue cover. The image above, shows the special cover for the What Next Forum.

Printed copies of the volume with the cover above can be obtained from info(at)