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What Next Volume I

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The world at the beginning of the 21st century is deeply contradictory. There is among many an increasing disaffection with the state of humanity and a growing concern about the unprecedented damage being done to Planet Earth. At the same time, there are numerous examples, at different levels of society, of actions for positive change. In order to analyse the present situation and what we may be facing in the future, and to propose bold and innovative alternatives to the predominant development trajectory, the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation has, over the past few years, devoted considerable attention and energy to the What Next project. This issue of Development Dialogue introduces the project with reflections on thirty years of development debate, UN summits and international politics, discussions on global challenges and responsible lifestyles, prerequisites for alternatives, and the role of civil society.

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Introducing What NextNiclas Hällström, Olle Nordberg, Robert Österbergh
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Setting the context: The development debate thirty years after What NowSheila Coronel and Kunda Dixit
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From What Now to What Next: Reflections on three decades of international politics and development– Praful Bidwai
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Before thinking about What Next: Prerequisites for alternatives – Gilbet Rist
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Enough! Global challenges and responsible lifestyles – Göran Bäckstrand and Lars Ingelstam
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Activism, Expertise, Commons Larry Lohmann
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Civil society: What Next?Göran Hydén
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Stop the 'Stockholm Syndrome'!: Lessons learned form 30 years of UN summits Pat Mooney
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Summary of the Contributions in this volume

This What Next volume was published as Development Dialogue, no 47. Printed copies of the volume can be ordered free of charge from the Dag Hammarsköljd Foundation (, and can also be ordered from What Next Forum (